How does Santa know what I wish for?

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When it comes to Christmas, lots of boys and girls often have very specific things that they want to find under the tree or in their stockings! Santa always does his best to get it right, and uses his mysterious, magical ways to know exactly what it is that you want!

There are a few ways you can help him out, though! Making a list is one great way. Lists for Santa can either be mailed to special addresses or given to your parents – they have secret ways of making sure he gets it. Santa also now accepts email through a few different websites! Ask the grown-ups in your house if you can check that out!!

Don't forget that if you don't get every single present you wanted, it doesn't mean that your list didn't go through or that Santa doesn't like you. Santa has to make sure he has enough presents to bring a few things to every boy and girl around the world who celebrates Christmas! Plus, sometimes Santa has other special things in mind for you that aren't on your list – take a close look at what you got!

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    Making your list, checking it twice!Since Santa gets so many lists from so many boys and girls, he really likes it when the lists are creative and pretty!

    This year when you make your list, decorate it with drawings and Christmas-themed colors and pictures! Your list doesn't have to just be about presents – make it a little bit about who you are, too!



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